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Merchant account

A merchant account goes a long way in helping the businesses to receive online payment, which is quite secure and hassle free. Nowadays, credit and debit card is the order of the day that is why it makes business sense to opt for the merchant account because it will help your business to grow internationally. The only hitch is that you need a good company, which can give you the perfect solutions in it according to your needs, and we would like to take this opportunity to tell you that Asp.Net Developer India has the complete expertise in it.

Our Expertise in Merchant Account

Asp.Net Developer India is one of the leading and professional web and software development company of India, and providing one of the best and cost-effective solutions in merchant account and payment gateway integration according to the needs of the client. We sincerely believe that if you want your company to grow, in that situation, you have to think beyond Paypal. Of course, Paypal is a well-accepted and well received way of accepting payment, but merchant account has a lot of advantages, which we simply cannot afford to ignore, if we want to expand our businesses. Our cost-effectivemerchant account solution will help you to accept all major credit and debit card without any problem.

In fact, ecommerce web development, payment gateway integration and shopping cart integration are our area of expertise. Asp.web hosting, C# programming, .net desktop application development, payment gateway, shopping cart integration, web portal development and much more is the area of our operation, and we are providing complete services in it. Of course, PayPal is the most preferred method of processing transaction, but there are a lot of reasons why one should go for the merchant account in addition to PayPal, out of which few are listed below

  • Merchant account will help you to process both online and offline, on the other hand PayPal will only process online orders.
  • Merchant account give you complete control over your recurring billing.
  • Merchant account gives you the freedom to sell to anyone in the whole world.

To discuss how we can make your online payment easy and hassle free, please contact Asp.Net Developer India , we will get back to you as soon as possible.